Kit the girls out with new shoes

BALLYLURGAN Hardware of Fivemiletown will be featuring the revolutionary Moover cow shoe on their stand in the agricultural pavilion at Balmoral Show.

This new cow shoe design took ten years for English company Moowell to develop, taking into account feedback from trimmers, farmers and vets. The unique product gives all users a simple, quick and ultra-reliable blocking system. The manufacturer will be on hand at Balmoral to give demonstrations.

Since its introduction at Ballylurgan there has been a steady stream of new customers anxious to try out the new shoe and a number of the Province's leading dairy producers are using it for their cows.
The base of the Moover block is made of English beech or oak with a crossed tread pattern to maximise grip. Wood is used as it provides a natural feel for the cow, wears at a steady rate and provides the most secure grip on concrete floors. 

The base is over-moulded with a strong flexible TPU upper in bright colours according to sizes. This allows for a great fit no matter what size or shape of the claw it's fitted to and gives ultimate flexibility to the fitter. 

The upper provides a great visual aid to the farmer so they can keep an eye on the cow and monitor her health. The upper is 100% biodegradable unlike other shoe systems - there will be nothing found in the slurry channels or tank when spreading.

The Moo-Tac glue is as unique as the shoe in that it changes colour to tell you when it is at the right temperature to be fitted. It mixes to a bright red and changes to cream when ready to be fitted.
The Moover is the easiest system to fit, has the greatest flexibility and gives the highest retention rates of any blocking system.

Ballylurgan Hardware will also have their highly popular calf jackets on show at Balmoral, as well as a host of other products.





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